New changes of Atal Pension Yojana 

           It is a pension scheme to be introduced by the central government .Atal pension Yojana is a government backed pension scheme.

It  was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 9 may 2015. It is a guaranteed pension scheme.

        Atal Pension Yojana providing a steady stream of pension after 60 years  to all citizen of India. Under this, the subscribers have a choice to get fixed monthly pension amount a man dhan scheme  with a pension of Rs 3000 , Atal Pension Yojana with a pension RS 5000, pension of merchants receiving Rs 3000 . Currently there is a term that only 18 – 40  year old can join. Rs 5000 ,Rs 3000 are the small amount at 60 years. It is not enough for our daily expenses. The central government has decided to make it safe regularly in our old age. They have decided to increase the pension to 10000 . Therefore the premium paid may  change. Those who have want to join this schemes after the age of 40.

       The maximum age limit for enrolling in the scheme to 50 years . This scheme is designed for those who have working in the unorganised sector or earning less than Rs 15,000. For such people this is a good news. Similarly vary the age differences 18 to 50 years old can join. There was also the need to invest for at least 20 years . Even in these  cases, the rule could be changed, if the statute is established. The central government would like to bring together the man dhan scheme and Atal Pension Yojana as one of the scheme Pension Fund regulatory authority. The unorganised sector peoples are eligible. It help these workers save money for their old age. It also promises a co contribution by Central Government of 50 % of total contribution by a worker . Monthly contribution depends upon fixed  amount you want and the age when you started contribution and. 


  • Unorganised sector like personal maid, driver, Gardener etc.
  • An Indian citizen .
  • Have a valid bank account .
  • 18  – 50 years of age.

 In case of  death of subscriber ,the spouse shall be entitled for same amount till her death. If subscriber dies before 60 years the spouse will have opportunity to exit  the scheme and claim the amount.

 How to apply 

  • visit nearest  post office /Bank.
  • Open a savings account .
  • If you are net savvy user, your account directly using internet banking and choose auto debit facility.
  • The premium will be debited from your age of enrolment till 60 years.

 In India, at least 2 crore people have joined  the Atal pension . We have the opportunities to join at anytime. The government introduced the best benefits . It is sure to be useful for those who are old.

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