New changes in Kerala pension scheme

           At this time of covid 19, various welfare pensions were blocked ,approximately previous dues are  Rs 8500 per beneficiary is get to the account or direct hands.. This is a huge help in the current situation . We do not know how long after this amount will be added to our account. Therefore just use with care the amount ,that is already in your account . About 54 lakhs peoples are receiving this pensions. Therefore the government has to find a huge amount for this purpose. As per the current budget announcement, the pension amount will be increased to Rs 1300 from April . 

        When we get the previous dues ,we get Rs 1200 each ,plus the April sum of Rs 1300 which will reach us about Rs 8500 in two installments. When the amount was distributed in October and November those who mustering till December 15 were entitled to a benefit.

        Later when the second phase of issuance of Rs 6100 was launched, a few existing terms were changed. It  is decided to distribute the benefits to those who are mustering till 15 th February .

       For those who received unmarried pension , they had  to submit a certificate indicating that they were not remarried or not married. Arrange the time for  the issuance of such certificates. They have decided to distribute the amount to them with the time allowed until June . As it  turned out ,everyone who had been mustering until February 15 th had access the amount. 

Direct to Home   : For the people, who were told that the money should be delivered to the home / hands, they were brought to the houses the money.  

     So what’s more, our government is introducing that a lot of  undeserving peoples are still receiving this amount. This is evident  to our state government . With the help of the central government , it has decided to develop the software called services plus, based on the conviction of our state government ,that there is a lot of undeserving, even if the mastering  is done. That is ,using the basic details we have provided checking and eliminating the exact criteria.

        Pension beneficiaries who are currently receiving a pension are being excluded from the pension scheme ,after assessing their living conditions. There are a few criteria that are currently being accepting our state government . These are the people who are currently being kicked out of the pension :- 

  • Currently pensionable beneficiaries live in house with an area of 2000 square feet or more.
  •  The interior of the houses are also beautifully modified by people they will out of the pension.
  • The people who are living in concrete roof houses .
  • The people who are living in a house with other basic equipments such as households ,AC will be skipped out side the scheme.
  • Beneficiaries with a vehicle, capable of more than thousand cc.

          About 5 lakh beneficiaries are moved out of the pension scheme . May there be more benefits to the eligible peoples.

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