New changes in driving license

        Today I would like to inform you about new rules of  licences in kerala.Rules in our state are changed daily.It is important to know the changes.Otherwise it is badly affect our life. 

         The new driving license number may have 15 digits.  In this format,zero will be added to the new licence number. The new issuance is done through  SARATHI.All driving license are changed to the website sarathi.

            First two letters represent RT office code of the district.Next 4 numbers are representing the year,and lastly  the number of license.

       All the data is digitalized. We can apply  new license and renew our license through website sarathi. They get new digitalized driving license.

       We can renew / apply driving license  from another states.We should pay the penalty fees .Otherwise we will not get the other benefits.

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