Natural Teak wooden flooring tiles – benefits


          Wooden flooring is manufactured from timber that is designed  for flooring. Wood is a common choice for flooring. We can flooring it in various styles,colors etc.Best hardwood floors are made with wood spices that easily can select maple flooring, oak flooring, cherry  flooring, etc.wood flooring is expensive than other type of flooring.solid wooden flooring starts from Rs 400per square feet. Wood can be damaged by spills, liquids,and humidity. Wood floors are not recommended  for areas of high moisture and humidity such as bathrooms. 

         It enhances the look of your has low maintenance and is easy to clean.It is strong and durable. It provides better air quality. It is long lasting and cost effective. Most of the people select hardwood floors for their homes.wood floors add a touch of elegance and bits of warmth.It makes the space look bigger.It is easy to clean. It can be swept,steam cleaned to remove dirt. Wood floors are easier to maintain and more strain resistant. If you give proper care of your wood floors,it lasts for years.

          It can add value to your home. It improves indoor air quality.Most of the people use wooden floors.It is better than tiles.wood flooring is versatility to adapt every interior design themes. you can refinish is low cost than buying and installing new flooring. It reduces hollow sounds. 

         We can see how to do wooden flooring at low cost.Now most of the people give preference to the wooden tiles.It reduces risk of cold sores,diseases like rheumatism.It comes from cold from the tile.But wooden tiles reduces the cooling from floors. These are easy-to-use and long lasting. We can make wooden tiles from natural chemical processes are used. To make natural wooden tiles,it dipped in water and dry well.

       Wooden tiles increases the beauty of the floor.woode tiles made entity teak wood has Rs 400/square feet. Imported vertical has Rs 300/ square feet.wooden tiles are totally made byword is called hard wood. They use oak,pine,walnut for it.These tiles are last longer. Engineered woods are made by gluing original wood. 

  B  Laminated  woods are made with synthetic materials. It is very east to install.Do not have quality. Wooden flooring has resale value.It is more durable than other materials. 

      We can see a place where we get wooden flooring materials  at low cost.Avoid vitrified  tiles and you can select natural  wooden flooring. It is in victory saw mills.They have 50 years experience. They use natural  treated woods .It provides  luxury  feels to the house.It has 10 year warranty. Provide water proof polishing to the wood. It reduces  arthritis. 

       They add wood powder,wood filling and sand  in the gaps,Then provide 2 coat sealer.After 25 year we can sealed and polished it again. It gives a new look to the floors.Digital printing wooden floor tiles-  Rs 260,Hardwood flooring  – Rs 375,

Engineering wooden flooring   – RS 446

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