Natural remedy to increases  hair growth 

     Today I would like to inform you about a natural remedy for hair growth. Hair loss is a disease that develops when our body’s  immune system  attacks our hair follicles. 

      Hair falls have  many reasons. Hormonal  1changes,medical conditions, are causes for hair fall.vitamin D deficiency, dandruff  can cause hair fall. It can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. 

        We can prevent hair fall. Eat vitamin  E,zinc ,selenium,omega 3 fatty acids containing foods.  Massaging helps to restore hair growth.we can use aloe vera for treating hair loss. It reduces dandruff . Massage coconut oil into the scalp. 

      Onion juice helps to promote  hair growth. You can use lemon juice  to the scalp. It maintains a healthy scalp and increases hair growth.

     Avoid putting your hair tightly. Use conditioners to keep moisture out of the hair. Take iron supple ments, zinc.Take biotin supplements.  It improves hair growth.

    Today we can see a natural  remedy to  increase hair growth.


Fenugreek  –11/2 tbs

      Fenugreek contains iron and protein. It helps to increase the hair growth. It also has anti fungal and anti inflammatory effects. We can use Fenugreek twice a week. Take 1 ½ tbsp fenugreek and soaked in a bowl. Next day  grind this fenugreek and water well like a paste form. We will get a water consistency. Filter well and add hair oil to this mixture. 

     Apply this pack to the scalp. Massage well. Do not apply shampoo after applying this mixture.  Wash the hair with normal water. It helps to promote hair growth.

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