Natural remedy to get rid of weeds quickly


      Today I would like to inform you about how to remove weeds easily. Weeds are valueless plants growing wild,especially those growing on cultivated ground to the exclusion. One that grows profusely  where it is not wanted.Tall weeds on roadsides presumably were not problematic  prior to invention  of the automobile. 

      Sharp edged grass are nominal nuisances.we can use many home remedies to kill weeds. We can use lemon . Borax is also used to get rid of unwelcome plants.Do not use this remedy near flowers and vegetables.  It destroys its growth.

       We can also use newspapers for this use.It can be used to combat unwanted vegetation in your garden.It makes weeds disappear instantly.we can use vinegar in higher concentration  for weed control.

      Pour a pot of hot water on growing weed in your backyard. It will destroy weeds. Baking soda is also used to weed control. We can mix clove oil with water and use it to weed control.

        Make a salt solution and pour in a spray bottle . Spray this solution to the weeds. Mix ½ liter vinegar with 1 tsp soap powder and 1 tsp salt.  . Mix well and spray the weeds . Do not use water.It helps the grass to dry out.  

        We do not use artificial  chemicals . It decreases the quality of soil. We can use these remedies. We will get a good result.  We can use organic remedies  to remove weeds. 

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