Natural remedy for tomato bear  fruits well

    Today I would like to inform you  natural remedy for tomatoes bear fruit well,Tomato is an edible  fruit considered vegetables. Tomatoes  have many health benefits.It contains antioxidants,Vitamin c, k and potassium.It reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. 

    It contains lycopene, improved lung health. It reduce lung inflammation, asthma.If the person has kidney disease, they should avoid tomatoes.

      We can grow tomatoes in our garden. We can be add baking soda to the soil,when you are growing tomatoes in containers.  We will get sweeter tomatoes. Protect the tomatoes plant from heat.

       We can use cotton seed meal,coffee grounds as a naturalized fertilizer. Tomato plants need nitrogen,potassium.we can use Epsom salt as a foliar spray.Epsom salt contains magnesium sulphate.After stirring the surrounding  soil,add Epsom salt.watering the pant well.we can use this remedy weekly once. It helps to bear a lot of fruits .we can use it all the times.

    We can use stanprid to avoid Whitefly.   We will get a WBC powder , we can be converted  all vegetable wastes into compost.we can use tag bio to blooming flowers to become female flowers. It helps to bear more tomatoes. 

       Cut the stalk from a tomato plant, dip in water/honey. It helps to form roots.Fill the bag with warm soils. Transplant this stalk to the soil. We get a good tomato plant.we get a good result.

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