Natural remedy for reducing blood sugar level

      Today I would like to inform you about a natural remedy for diabetes. Diabetes is a metzboluc disease. In this disease our blood glucose level will be this disease our body has the inefficiency to produce insulin. It is a silent killer.  

     The main causes of diabetes are genetics, environmental factors.The main symptoms are increased thirst,hungry,frequent urination, numbness in the hands,fatigue.

High intake of red meat,hot dogs can  causes diabetes. 

      We can lower our blood sugar with exercise,insulin. Eat fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables. Avoid soft drinks,coffee drinks,white bread,dried fruits,etc.Avpid potatoes,cabbage,broccoli ,peas,etc. Add berries,tomatoes,oranges to your diet.

    Add fibre containing foods. Add zinc,chromium to your diet. Fenugreek,cinnamon are good for diabetes. Avoid stress. Take adequate sleep. We can controll diabetes.

       Today I would like to introduce a natural remedy. We  an use mango leaves to it.wash and dry mango leaves. The leaves cut into small pieces.add 1 spoon fenugreek and fry well. Grind this leaves in a mixie jar.  

       Take 1 glass water. Add ¼ spoon powder,  mix well in night. Next day just on the empty can drink it.  It is the best remedy to reduce the diabetes. It has no side effects.

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