Natural  remedy  for reducing  belly fat within  7days

    Today I would like to inform you about a natural remedy  to reduce weight  immediately.   Obesity  is excessive body fat . It increases health  problems.  It is caused  by eating  too much food.  If you take in too much fat, sugar containing  foods,it causes Obesity. The body mass over 25 means you are overweight.  Lack of exercise causes obesity. Some medications  can cause obesity.  Avoid red meat, potatoes. 

      We can reduce obesity.Take healthy low caloric  diet. Do exercise  regularly. We can prevent obesity.  Avoid fatty foods. Eat vegetables  and fruits. Eat fibre containing  foods. Take aerobic  activities.

     Obesity  increases the risk of heart attack,blood pressure, blood sugar.  Green tea reduces obesity.  Drink plenty of water.

      We can boost our metabolism  and decrease belly fat.we can reduce belly fat within 7 days.These remedy has no side effects.


Fenugreek  – 1tsp

Cumin – 1 tsp

           Fenugreek  lowering blood sugar  level, cholesterol  level . It controls  appetite  level. We can use Fenugreek for various  health conditions. 

      Take a bowl. Add 2 glasses of water . Add 1 tsp Fenugreek and cumin. Boiled well in medium flame.we get yellow color water . Close the bowl. After you cool the water,you can drink this water.

       You can drink this water on an empty stomach.  It is very effective.  Drink this water continuously  for 7 days. 

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