Natural remedy for leg pain,swelling,burning sensation of legs

      Today I would like to inform you about a natural remedy for body pain,burning in the legs,swelling.  It is a common problem.  Many people take pain killers for this problem. But pain killers are affected our health badly. 

      Long term intake of pain killers affect our liver,kidney functions.So avoid pain killers and do natural remedies. Today we can see the natural remedy for body aches,swelling in the body, burning in the legs . These symptoms are mainly caused in old ages.

      We can be use erukku leaves and flowers and vatham kolli  for this remedy. Take ½ bucket of water.Boil  well. Then add these leaves to the water.Boil well and add rock salt to it. After cool, dip the feet in the water.

      After use mix well and again boil the water. It is very useful remedy. We can keep this leaves under the foot. It helps to reduce the pain.

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