Natural remedies to whitening the face 

       Today I would like to introduce  a natural remedy for whitening the face. Everyone  likes to lighten their face.Dark skin can be caused by over exposure of sunlight,pollution,stress. Fir skin is the dream of many girls.They use artificial creams and lotions to it. But continuous use of these creams damage our skin. 

     But we can lighten our skin using natural ingredients.  Take adequate sleep. Sleep at least 9 hours. It boosts our blood flow  and make healthy glow. Insufficiency of sleep leads to  dark circles around the eyes.

     Drink plenty of water. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Apply sunscreen lotions to protect the skin from radiations.Use moisturizer to avoid dry and flaky skin.

       Manage face with olive oil and honey/lemon juice. Give steam to the face. It will open your pores and clear all dirts.Use lemon peel boiled water. It helps to whiten your face. 

        Take 2 tsp of rice powder with little bit coconut oil.mix well and apply to the face. Rub well.It helps to whiten your face well.

        Grind orange peels with cold milk and apply to the face. It lighten your face. Take 2 tsp of aloe vera with ½ tsp of turmeric and 1 tabs of honey.Mix well and apply to the face.After 15 minutes wipe it with cotton.

           Take 2 tsp of corn flour powder,1egg white. Mix well and apply on our face. It helps to whiten our face. Take nutritious foods. 

         We can use a face pack to whitening the skin. Raggipodi is use to this remedy.It helps to skin whitening .Add ½ lemon juice, 1 tsp milk to it.mix well and apply to the face. Everyday evening apply it and rub slowly. After 20 minutes wash with normal water.It helps to whiten your face.

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