Natural remedies to get relief from head ache 

      Today I would like to inform you about how to  get fast relief from headache.Head ache is a common problem. It is varies in different people. Cause,duration, intensity are varies from one person to another. It is difficult to describe.  Sometimes pain occurs in whole head or one part of the head or one part of the face. Strong tension,over activity leads to headache .

       Main causes are cold,drinking too much alcohol, bad posture, eye sight problem, dehydration,tooth ache,hormonal changes,pregnancy, migrain, tension.  We can get re.iev from head ache.Rest in  a silent room.Take cold or hot compresses. Massage the head. Take caffeine.Avoid chew.

        If you have weakness ,dizziness,sudden falling,numbness seizures, you should need sudden medical help. Drink plenty of water. Get good sleep.Avoid tensions. 

        Today I would like to inform some tips to get fast relief from head ache.we all depend english medicines for relief. It badly affects our health. But we can cure head ache  naturally. Take some mustard and water.. Grind mustard. And make a paste form .Apply to the forehead.

     Next remedy is take 2 small onion,rock salt  grind well apply to the fore head. Next is take a slice of lemon and massage to the fore head. It relieves your head ache fastly.

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