Natural  home remedy for headache

           Today I want to share with you a home remedy to get rid of headaches completely. We use cloves as its main ingredient. This will help in relieving the pain of the body. It helps to relieve toothache and cleansing the body. Let’s see how this is making. In this we make tea with the cloves. This is a tea that you can drink when you have headache. Use cloves like  buds on top.


  • Water  – 1glass
  • Cloves  – 6

            Grind the cloves. Boil it in one  glass of water. Boil a glass of water and taking half a glass. The benefits of cloves should be well absorbed into the water. Then filter this water in to a  glass. We do not add tea powder to this water. It is very tasty. It should be taken after breakfast and evening. If you do not sleep at night, just drink this tea and go to sleep.It is very effective. This water you should drink continuously for 3 to 4 days.

             Drink plenty of water coninuously. Then the head ache  will have a positive change. 

     Press between the thumb and forefinger. It will relieve the head ache.

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