Motor workers Welfare fund scheme

          Benefits have been started for various members of the welfare fund and  those who are not members of welfare fund. Distribution of interest free loans and free  non- payable loans are provided under various welfare fund schemes . We know that in the time of this lockdown, it is not possible to go to the welfare fund office and apply directly. Therefore various welfare fund boards are receiving applications in various ways.

  •  There is a payment mechanism to the account without accepting the application . It’s just for some welfare.
  • Applications are received in two ways    

1)via Email 

      We will get the amount if we apply to the welfare fund office in each district along with the documents. The amount will be credited to your account by April 20 .

2)via WhatsApp

       Submitting the documents to the concerned authorities phone, if the loan is not to be repaid /it is an interest free loan documents, the application have been evaluated and   that amount will be credited to your account.

  •  Here to present to you about the distribution of the welfare fund of Kerala state motor workers Welfare fund . This is one of the things that brings the greatest happiness to all the motor workers who have ceased the livelihood on the event of this lockdown . 
  • Applications are accepted by email . 
  • Download the link in PDF format.
  • Take the print of the application form .
  • Scan the details.
  •  After submitting the application along with the relevant documents, apply in the respective district welfare fund department .
  • Attach the relevant documents and   send this email.
  • After that the amount will be credited to your account.


  •  Aadhar card.
  •  Application form
  •  Details of bank account .
  • Receipt of amount paid for welfare .
  • Documents that prove membership in the  department of motor workers Welfare fund .

Let  join all those who are eligible for this benefits.

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