Moratorium extended for next 3 months

            Currently  the Moratorium is being extended on the recommendation of RBI. The Moratorium which we got for 3 months, has been extended for another 3 months. Then there is the moratorium period from March to August 31st. The various banks that are currently applying for the moratorium such as personal loan/ home loan/ educational loan/ gold loan /agricultural loans/vehicle loans. These are all covered in this benefit range. At present, the moratorium is subject to the moratorium on the receive the specific applications for the moratorium through the  sms system, is the decision of the various banks.

     Those who continue the moratorium they can continue. For those who are not want to continue, you can inform the bank and continue to repay. For the interest on the loan when the Moratorium is extended ,we can take a loan now for interest. Thus we can pay interest. When we take out such loans, the loan must be repaid before March 31st 2021 . In the simplest terms ,for someone who took out a home loan the loan  repayment will our end on January 21,2021 . Then we would have to pay another 6 month thereafter .

   Now we get the discounts from the moratorium. We are re paying the amount after 6 months. The moratorium entitles all persons in need to any person who is unable to repay the loan taken. This benefit is available only to those who have paid their dues before the moratorium . Then you can contact the respective banks. Commercial bank ,Nationalised banks are obliged to provide moratorium.

     If you need a Moratorium, just ask to them. Acquisition of the Moratorium does not  bring down our civil service or cause any such difficulties. You will always have the protection of your motorium. You can start paying again after 6 months. Please share this information to others.

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