Mobile repairing service training  course – importance


      Mobile repairing course is an important course. We will get a good profit  from  this job. We will get training for mobile hardware and software  solutions  from this course.we will get practical  on all types of smartphones and basic phones repairing. And get 100 % solutions for all types of mobile faults. It provides practical  understanding and offers theoretical concepts required within the area of mobile repairing. You can study how to fix all types of technical problems on a mobile. 

        It trains students to work on mobile hardware , software, rebooting, troubleshooting,etc. Mobile repairs in charge of installing ,analysing, repairing various types of mobile phones and Smartphones and testing. vocational and diploma courses are available in this course. Vocational courses are available for mobile repairing certificate programs and diploma courses can be pursued online and offline.

     No full time degree mobile repairing courses for this course. We should  know about the hardware , tablets,Android and other knowledge about operating a mobile and hardware. The best mobile repairing course has an affordable fee of Rs  25000 to Rs 30000. After this course you can get a job as a smartphone repairer  at service centres of top smartphone brands or Professor at top mobile preparing institutes. You will get a salary of Rs 12000 to 20000.

     These courses are offered at  certificate and diploma. But It doesn’t have bachelors and Masters courses. Mobile repairing certificate courses can be pursued in less than 6 months. You can cover software installation ,basic repairing and Chip Level training within 6 months. Diploma level can take  over a year. You can study hardware repairing, software repairing ,phone assembling within one year.

       Mobile repairing course at the certificate level needed High School Education and  diploma level mobile repairing course require plus two certificates. It has no specific criteria for admission.

      Today we can see a mobile service technology institution .It is called DIAT Institution.  You can study mobile phone services from here. You can study advanced new technology for mobile servicing. They provide 25 % theory  and 75 : practical. They give offline courses only. You can study this course for 7 months. Maximum  17 members are in one batch. If you have a technical  mind, you can study this course. 

        They Provide quality  training. They have a service  center also.  They specialize in the iphone. It has a small sandwich  board. But we can service this board. We can recover data also from broken mobiles. We can replace iPhone glass with laser cutting. 3 Glass changing machines are also available. RS 80,000 is course fees. We will get hostel service  also here. They provide scholarships  to electronics qualified  people. 

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