Mini inverter at Rs 2000

     Today I would like to inform you about a small inverter.Now every home has an inverter.There is no one who doesn’t wish there was an inverter when the current goes out. But many people are reluctant to buy an inverter because it is so expensive. Even if the power goes out for a while, it makes very difficult for us. Power outages also affect our home electronics.

      An inverter changes direct current to alternating current. In the market , the price of an average inverter is Rs 20,000. Today I would like to introduce a mini inverter to you. We can run two bulbs,one DC fan,mobile charging  from this mini inverter. 

      Mainly these type of inverters are 2 types.Metal and plastic. Today I would like to introduce  I brand mini inverter. It is light weighted. We can take it to places we like. This mini inverters has solar charging. We can be use 12w,10w bulbs. This mini inverter has 6 hour battery back up. And also it has 1 year replacement warranty.  Its price is Rs 2000.

         We can use this as an emergency lamp. It is noise free inverter. It is eco friendly. We can be charge mobile. It has an extra fuse. It is a simple inverter.


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