Mini air conditioner at Rs 1000

         Today I would like to inform you about an air conditioner at Rs 1000. Now is the time to warm up.Air conditions and air coolers are a relief for everyone.But these will give a good price. That is why many people go through this heat and move on. Today I Would like to inform you about a small air conditioner.  Now everyone depends on portable air coolers for travelling . Today let’s we can see an air cooler. Its brand is ARCTIC AIR. 

     This air cooler is small ,portable, we can carry anywhere. We can control this cooling fan as our needs. It is made up of plastic, So it is light weighted. It has a lightening system . It has a space for pour water. It does not need battery.

     Firstly pour water to it. Add ice cubes to it. It can be run connect with 5V DC source.  When we put on this ac,we can see a light .  In three ways we can adjust the speed of fan .It can hold up to 500 ml of water.Using this water,this cooler will work for up to six hours.we can buy this mini air cooler from Amazon.

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