Microsoft  excel – 25 Keyboard  shortcuts 


        Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, Android, and ios.It has calculation capabilities, graphic tools ,pivot tables.It is a preset formula  that helps make mathematical, logical operations.Excel mostly uses large collections of cells to organize data and solve mathematical  functions. You can arrange data in the spreadsheet using graphic tools .Excel is most commonly used in business  settings. Microsoft excel is commonly  used in collection and verification of data,business analysis, data entry and storage,data analysis, strategic  analysis, budgeting, accounting, administrative management, project  management and office administration. 


       Excel has its terminology for its components. The components of Microsoft Excel are cell,cell reference, active cell,workbook,worksheet,column and row heading, formula, formula bar,address bar,filter,auto fill,autosomal,pivot table, pivot chart,and source data.Now you should study to use Microsoft may know how to plug in numbers and add cells in a column. You should know how to add rows and columns. You can add hundreds of rows.if you have basic excel knowledge, you already know some quick can quickly fill adjacent cells with several types of data .


       If you are looking at large data sets, you do not need to be looking at every single row at the same time.Filters help to pare down the data to certain rows at one time. A filter can be added to each column. You may have a list of data that has no organization, you can export this list using excel’s can remove the duplicates and entire row based on the duplicate  column.

      You can use a special function between copying formulas,formats, can crunch numbers and analyse the data quickly. You can use format painter to easily copy formatting from one area to another. You can change a cell’s color .


We can see 25 important excel  shortcuts. These shortcuts are very useful for the people. 




If you want to sum a column or row ,select a cell next to the numbers you want to sum ,click the autosum option on the homepage and press enter. It helps to automatically enter a formula to sum the numbers. Autosum can be accessed by ALT +the = sign. It creates a formula to sum all the numbers. 

If you want to sum columns,

  • Select the columns
  • Hold the ALT key
  • Press equal key 
  • You can see the sum function insert the nearest  cell


  1. Create Table


You can transfer data from excel sheet to the excel table,


  • Select a cell
  • Hold the ctrl key and press the T key.
  • You can see a dialog box create table. 
  • Press ok button 
  • You can see the data changed to excel tables You can see a design tab on the excel ribbon.


3.Navigate through data


   We can navigate through  excel sheets.

  • The active cell is E9.
  • You can go the right most cell.
  • Hold ctrl key
  • Press right arrow 
  • We can see the control arrow is in the right cell.


4.Apply or remove filter


You can find relevant information through  it.Excel filter is an easy way to display the information relevant at a given time. It helps to remove all other data from view. You can filter rows in Excel worksheets by Value, by format and by criteria.


  • Select the cell from a data set.
  • Hold the ctrl and shift key.
  • Press L key
  • You can see the filters insert the column header.
  • If you want to remove the filters,hold the ctrl,shift key and press L key.


5.Select data


We can select data from excel sheets through  short cuts.


  • Hold ctrl and shift key
  • Press right/left/up/ down arrow 
  • You can see the cells are selected .


  1. Insert embedded chart and chart as separate sheet 

 You can insert excel charts easily.


  • Select the cells
  • Hold the Alt key and F1 function key .
  • You can see a chart related to the data in the data containing sheet.


If you want the chart in another  sheet,  


  • Select the data 
  • Press F11 key
  • The chart add on a separate  sheet.


7.Format cells 


We can apply format to the one or group of cells


  • Select the cells.
  • Hold the ctrl key and press 1.
  • You can see the format cells dialogue box.
  • You can apply a particular format to these cells,you can select the type of format. 
  • Press the ok button. 


8.Insert line break


 We can enter more sentence datas into an excel sheet. 


  • Select an empty cell.
  • Enter the first sentence. 
  • If you want to go to the next sentence,  Hold the ALT key and press the enter key.
  • You can see the cursor blink in the next can see the data feed into the two lines .


9.paste as values


You can change the values.Copy the data and paste it into another cells.You can see zero.Because it is formulas.You can change the formulas to values to other cells.


  • Select the cells
  • Hold ctrl,C
  • Select the empty  cell
  • Hold ALT,E,S,V
  • Press enter key
  • You can see the values.


10.spell check


you can check  the spelling of a cell.


  • Press F7 key
  • Activated spelling dialog box
  • Select the mistake 
  • You can change it.


  1. Repeat the last action 


  • Select the cells
  • Press F4 function key.


12.copy data into adjacent cells on the right 


  • Select first cell
  • Enter formula
  • Hold shift key 
  • select the last cell.
  • Selected the cells.
  • Hold ctrl key 
  • Press the R key.


13.Copy data into downward cells


  • Select the first cell
  • Enter formula 
  • Hold the shift key.
  • Select the last cell.
  • Cells are selected.
  • Hold ctrl key
  • Press the D key.

14.Flash fill


You Can extract the usernames from the email ID.


  • Select a cell
  • Enter the username in a cell
  • Hold the ctrl key 
  • Press E key.
  • Usernames of all email IDs in the cells are extracted. 
  • You can change the small letters to capital  letters using flash fills.


15.Hide column/ columns 


  • Select a cell
  • Hold the ctrl key
  • Press zero
  • Hidden the columns


16.Hide row /rows


  • Select a cell
  • Hold the ctrl key.
  • Press 9
  • You can hide the column .


17.Delete row /rows

  • Select the cell
  • Hold the shift key
  • Press space bar
  • Selected the entire rows
  • Hold the control key
  • Press the – key


18.Delete column/columns 


  • Select the cell
  • Hold the ctrl key
  • Press space bar
  • Selected the entire  column.
  • Hold the ctrl key 
  • Press – key
  • Deleted the data from the cell.


19.Insert current time


You can add current  time to the cell


  • Select the cell
  • Hold ctrl ,shift keys
  • Press semicolon button 
  • You can see the current time in the cell


20.Insert current date


You can add the current date to a cell.


  • Select the cell
  • Hold the ctrl key
  • Press semicolon key
  • You can see the current date in the cell.


21.Insert new column


You can insert a new column to it. 


  • Hold ctrl
  • Press + key
  • A new column added


22.Insert new row


You can insert a new row to it. 

  • Hold shift key
  • Press ctrl + key
  • A new column added 


22.Select entire column


If you want to select entire column,


  • Select the cells
  • Hold the ctrl key
  • Press the spacebar 
  • Entire column selected 


24.Select entire row


If you want to select entire row ,


  • Select the cells
  • Hold the shift key
  • Press the spacebar.
  • Entire rows selected.


25.Dark lines between columns and rows means hidden rows are there.


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