May month ration begins,  the biometric system is returning

               Until last month, it was the phone that was linked to ration card we submit via OTP in order to receive the food grains provided by the central and state governments . Since may  again, the situation has changed like old condition . That means changing to biometric systems, it is a recognition of fingerprint through punching and after getting in receive food grains.  We are waiting for the OTP after taking the phone with the ration card in a special case in April, as part of social distancing . Goodbye to such a waiting.

              Once again, the food supply has been adjusted to  its old condition . This too is under the direction of the central government . Currently know that about 97% of the people in our state have  received food grains. In recent months ,special arrangements have been made even for those who do not have a ration card. So that they may have food for themselves . Most of them are receiving food grains . So there is an estimate that probably a lot of manipulation can take place through ration shops or peoples . 

         Against this time, our state government and decision making on Central governments recommendation to distribute food grains after the fingers crossed ,as part of such measures ,such as preventing corruption or reaching out to more deserving beneficiaries and allocating food in the coming months.  Currently there is no special benefits provided by the state government in May month. But the central government has come up with the special scheme called the Garib Kalyan Yojana. As part of it there is a free food distribution program called Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana . 

        Currently all AY card holders and BPL card holders in our state are eligible for this. 5 kg food grains can get along with it. 1 kg of pulses was to be supplied in 3 months. This food distribution in 3 months . The supply of pulses for distribution has not  yet reached our state. Then there will be its further distribution . On the dates specified by the state government ,receive food share from the central government . This month is the only benefit for them, from the Central Government.The State Government does not offer special benefits in may .

          At  this time of lockdown, no more than 5 peoples shall stand at the same time in the ration shops. Standing more than a metre apart . Similarly there is now a  low to disinfect your hands with the sanitizer / hand wash before punching your finger . Any person named on the ration card, that is ,any person linked to Aadhar  will be able to receive food grains after being fingerprint by the biometric system. As adults,It is not necessary to go.

            So here are a few more projects to be implemented this month. Distribution of free kit for APL subsidy and non subsidy card holders. For the BPL card, some even have to pay for a free kit.

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