Masala powder business  – 3 levels,packing, marketing 


         Every person wants to start a business at low cost. You should have knowledge about business. There is a difference between understanding business fundamentals on paper and gaining wisdom through actual experience. You can get some early lessons about business through your hundreds of lessons. Mostly impossible to make a successful business by yourself. You should recognise how valuable other people will open you up to more opportunities. If you are a businessman you can face mentors ,Partners, vendors and peers. You should spend more  time working with the best people you find. You should prevent wasting your time with wrong people.

      Facing failure with the realisation is unavoidable, you should accept it easily. You should take it up as a lesson and you will get an opportunity to improve your business. The first time the more time you will have to generate benefits for yourself and the more time you will have to work with that project. You should spend the time in a day, has a direct impact on how much value  you are able to produce. It helps to save time.

          You should communicate with other people well. It prevents the development of any problems. Communicating well helps you resolve  the problems. You should be sure to maintain your initiatives readiness with adequate  speed and eligibility. There will always be new skills and abilities to acquire. You should  maintain a course of constant improvement. It will help you at your best for as long as possible.

         Most of the people  lost their jobs because  of covid 19. They want to start a new business.  We can see how to start a  masala powder business.  It is a good profitable business.  It does not need expert knowledge.  So most people choose  this business. We will get all the raw materials  in the market. We will buy these materials, making powders,packing and selling. The process is easy. 

       It’s a daily consumption  product. So it has high demand  in the market. It has high customers.We can start this business  with low investment. So most people choose this business. 

        We can start this business  from three  levels. We can buy Masala powder wholesale and make small packets. Seal it and sell it to the should taste it and buy. You should need weighing and sealing machines only for this level. It is a repacking  business. We need a FSSAI registration  certificate for this business. It has Rs 100. We need a packer license and GST invoice.  We can apply for this business  through Akshaya centers. 

     We can manufacture it. We can buy products  and make powder from mills. Then packing and selling it. We need a FSSAI certificate. 

         Otherwise we can buy Masala  products wholesale   and make powder using pulmorizer and pack and sell. You can select the level based on your budget. If you want to start at the minimum  level,you can buy Masala powder and pack and sell.we can buy Masada powder from pollachi. 

       In the third level,you need a seperate room for your business. At this level  you should use machinery  like pulmorizer.we need packing machines. We can buy fully automatic packaging  machines or semi automatic machines. 

       We can pack pouches.  It is based on cylinder basis. We should buy 5 cylinders. It is a fixed investment. We can buy stand up pouches. It has high rates per piece . But it has  low fixed investment.  We can select bottle packing. It also has a high rate. Otherwise  we can select double colour packing. It is  low rate packing. 

      You should identify the good marketing product in your place.  You should  select a variety of formulas. It helps with good marketing. Everyone expects good quality. We can sell directly  to customers. We can sell through dealers and retailers. We can sell directly  to retailers. You should build reward retailers.  You should make  a margin for customers. You should select unique designs,captions, names,etc. You should make a good marketing  plan. It helps to good marketing. 

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