Manufacturing of good quality granites 

Today I would like to inform you about good quality low cost granites. Here we can see variety of granites.It is a granite factory.  It is in hosur. It is a big factory. It is a  production unit of granites.

 We will get all granites materials from here. They will distribute granites  all over India. First stage of granites are buy blocks. Then box cut  it.  Then wire cut the sides of granites.Then slice it. Cut the granites pieces in to 3cm,2cm slabs. 3 cm used to  export and 2 cm used to .domestic.It is computerized cutting. It takes 24 -48 hours.

Next stage is grinding. Then do the epoxy to shining. After 8 hours it will go to polishing. We will get variety colors of granites from here. They will distribute directly to our homes.

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