Mangalya Samman Nidhi scheme 

We know a lot of parents who are running after their children’s wedding to pay off their debts. Today we are sharing a good news for them . This is the way for  economically backward section parents to pay off their debts after marrying their children. It is provided free of charge by the forward community corporation. This financial assistance is 1lakh.

         This financial assistance is provided by the forward community corporation of the State Government of Kerala.  Application should be made by forward community Corporation. Applicants are eligible to apply people from general category, who have no other reservation. Those who are economically backward people in the general categories are eligible.Annual income should be 100000 or less. 

      The application must be submit by the girls father or mother. If the girl’s father and mother died ,the girl can submit her own  bank account details and submitting the death certificate of parents. The amount will be credited to that account .


  •  SSLC certificate
  •  caste certificate 
  • income certificate
  • marriage registration certificate
  •  bank account details
  •  ID proof 
  • Aadhar card

                  If the parents are left, it also needs a form certified by the panchayat secretary . Only one girl from a  family can apply. The ration card must be any card in the priority category. Example:AAY, BPL. There will be special consideration for first  time application. The girl should be over 22 years of age.

How to apply 

  •  Direct submission to forward community Corporation.
  •  by postal 

            Those who have been married since October 1, 2019 are eligible to apply for this financial aid.There for they have clearly stated that they should reach their  official directors office within 60 days of getting married . Please share this information to others. 

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