Main symptoms of kidney diseases

      Today I would like to inform you about the main symptoms of kidney disease. Kidneys are the important in our body. These are the pair of bean shaped organs. Kidneys filter our blood. It removes wastes and extra fluid from our body. It controls the acid bade balance.It maintains  healthy balance of water,salts and minerals in our body.Many peoples suffering from kidney diseases.

      Kidney disease is very dangerous.  Early treat ment is very important  in kidney disease.  Other wise it leads to kidney failure. The main cause kidney disease is high BP and diabetes, obesity, urine infections, bladder stones. We should control these two diseases, we can prevent kidney failure.

       The main symptoms of kidney failure are swelling in legs,shortness of breath,back pain, vomiting, itching of the skin,decreased urine output.severe pain under the belly,Dark color of urine are  another symptoms.

         Avoid dark coloured soda,avocado,wheat bread,bananas,orange,etc.Drink plenty of water.people with kidney failure survive weeks without dialysis. Manage blood sugar, BP. Intake low salt.Avoid NSAIDs. Take adequate exercise daily. Avoid smoking  and alcohol consumption.  Control weight. Avoid pickles. Kidney failure patients decrease the intake of water. 

     We can check the protein level in the urine ,blood in the urine, creatine level. No symptoms in the early stages. The treatment of kidney failure is dialysis. Dialysis  starts at the time of risk stages. Dialysis is of two types.Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplantation. 

We can control creatine level. Avoid non vegetarian  foods.  Take less potassium containing foods. Avoid pain killers,ayurvedic medicine, antibiotics.  Kidney transplantation is the best treatment. 

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