Main symptoms and treatments of blood cancer

          Today we can see what is blood cancer,causes and symptoms of blood cancer,treatment of blood cancer.Mainly blood cancers are 3 types. Leukaemia,Lymphoma,myeloma.We can found leukemic cells in the blood is called leukemia.If cancer found in lymph nodes is called lymphoma. If cancer found in plasma cells is called myeloma.Multiplication  of cells irregularly is called cancer.It has no stages.





Red patches on the skin


Swelling on the lymph nodes

Decreased platelet count

Pain on the bones

Kidney failure


          We can diagnose this symptoms.we can found decreased  haemoglobin,increased total count, decreased platelet count. We can check the peripheral smear.

Bone marrow test is the another diagnosis.We can find the type of leukemia,check immunopheno typing.


In leukaemia,chemotherapy is the treatment. In lymphoma,we can do the immuno chemotherapy.Immuno therapy is the less side effect treatment. In myeloma we can day care treatment. 

Another treatment is the bone marrow transplantation. Autologous transplant  is we can control the same stem cells and replace it .Alogenic transplant is we can reboot the matching stem cells and replaced. 

The cure rate of acute pro myelicytic leukaemia is 85  – 90%. Lymphoma cure rate is 60%.

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