Main causes of mouth ulcers

          There will be no one without mouth ulcers. But you must be careful if you are constantly getting mouth ulcer. Mouth sores are not a trivial matter. Mouth ulcers come in many forms for many people. Some people get mouth sores because  of they bite their mouth. Are suffering from mouth sores? 

           Do you have  difficulty in eating and even drinking water. Have you ever think what is the reason for this? We often take  vitamin tablets and avoid it. Sometimes the mouth sore can reduce while taking the tablets. Even if you don’t take any tablet it will decrease automatically after 1 to 4 days. We often drink yoghurt / honey /chew guava leaves, when our mouths are sore like this.


  • Vitamin  deficiency :- mouth ulcers can be caused mainly by Vitamin B and iron,  folic acid deficiency.
  • Stomach problems can lead to mouth sores.
  • If we have a lack of good bacteria in our gut,  there will be no proper absorption. This may leads to malnutrition. It will only clear up if we supply the necessary bacteria for it.
  • People with  intestinal fungal infections often have  fungal infections of the tongue.
  • Genetic problems
  • Poor intake  of water.

                   Fungal infections in the gut are caused by differences in our lifestyles. People who eat high calorie foods,  a lot of sweets and peoples do not maintaining proper food timings may have intestinal problems. 

Mouth ulcer can cause, 

People with migrain

People with skin disease

Heart burn

Gastric  problems

gastric ulcer 

Abdominal pain before and after food.

If you have continuous mouth ulcer,  please visit doctor and check the problem.If you treat stomach problems, you will get relief from mouth ulcer.

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