Loans upto 30 lakh for returning expatriates 

              This is the loan you get, Rs 10 lakh without bail and up toRs 30 lakh with surety. This is NORKA’ s  new project. it is a project for our own expatriates who have gone abroad to work for our country. In particular many are trying to come home lose their jobs from the Gulf countries. A lot of people have come already. In order to rehabilitate them our state government together with norka roots has been invented a plan .Loan upto Rs 30 lakh for returning expatriates. That’s the main plan . This project is for NORKA’s NORKA department of Return emigrants under the Government of Kerala. 

         An expatriate who has completed his foreign employment for 2 years and the return back will get this loan. It has a maximum loan limit of Rs 30 lakh . Rs 30 lakh with bail and 10 lakh without Bail . We can get up to Rs 10 lakh free of charge for starting enterprises for self employment Ventures.

      The main feature of NORKA Loan is

  •  You can get this loan individually or in groups( company /society /trust).
  •  It will get a 15 percentage subsidy on capital and 3% subsidy on interest 
  • payment of interest properly .

         If we take out a loan of Rs 10 lakh, it’s repayment is less 15 % ,it will be 8 lakh. Similarly you get a discount of about 3 % on interest. Take a loan from NORKA and see what kind of businesses we can get started.  Loans for various initiatives such as farm, farm tourism, food processing, cultivating, fish farming ,goat farming, floriculture ,vegetable farming, beekeeping, Hotel , Homestay ,repair shops ,furniture ,wood Industries, Bakery  computer equipments ,beauty parlours ,powder milk, paper recycling ,small business establishments ,taxi services , integrated farming.    

        To get this loan and apply for it, go to the NORKA ROOTS official website. 


  •  project report (PDF)
  •  passport (PDF)
  •  Visa page( PDF)
  •  photo( JPG/png).

How to apply

  • Visit the NORKA official website.
  •  Click the register option.
  • Enter the  the name and details .
  • Before that ,prepare a pdf format of your project report.
  • After uploading all the documents and register it  .
  • NORKA  accepts your  application
  • After that the formats director will come to your mobile number or mail ID.
  •  Support for starting the project guidance and other things through the centre for management development will be available for this first six months. There will be everything from Norka and Government of Kerala to make our business success 
  • If you apply for NORKA before more peoples applications , you are more likely to get a loan according to your priority list..

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