Link your Aadhaar card with your ration card before September 30

     In the covid-19 ,we have received many benefits from the central and state governments. With the time of increased covid-19 ,people are once again looking to the government for financial assistance.

         The central government has promised another financial package.It also includes the distribution of free food grains.

      Priority cards get free rice and pulses from the central government. It is learned that such benefits will be announced again. Benefits depend on the number of people. 

       The Aadhaar number of all the members of the ration card should be linked to the ration card before September 30.

      If the Aadhaar number of all members is not linked to the ration card there is a possibility of a reduction in the food grains they receive from October. Therefore the Aadhar number of all members should be updated with the ration card as soon as possible.

  We can link Aadhaar with ration card by phone. But those who have linked Aadhar card with ration card should do so. We can do this through the epos machine. There will be a small fee for that. 

        Therefore as soon as possible check that the Aadhar number of all members is linked to the ration card.

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