Lifestyle changes that people with back pain 

             Back pain is a condition that affects people of all ages. There is no one in life who does not have back pain. We can reduce this back pain to some extent if  we do some exercise daily. But over exercise can also cause back pain. If we stay the same for a long time, we will have back pain. If babies have back pain, they should be checked for worms. Spinal cord fracture can lead to  back pain. Muscle damage, nerve damage and many other ailments can cause back pain.

               Today I would like to share with you a few things that people with back pain need to pay attention to and follow in their lifestyle. When it comes to back pain,  we often take a lot of treatment for it. Some back pain will change with exercise. some back pain can be relieved by exercise or massage. There are a few things to keep in mind when walking,  sitting and standing.  

           The first few things to keep in mind when we are doing things standing up. People with back pain are more likely to have  a strain at the bottom of our lower back after a long time. Other tasks can be very difficult to do at this time. 

             When we bend at that time we should support the thighs with both hands and bend slowly. Let stand  for 10 seconds. Do not bend suddenly. muscle spasm and strain are more likely to occur after a sudden bend. After about 10 seconds of bending, we have a reduction in back pain. This is something that those who work  over time should pay attention. People with back pain should only get up after giving a support.

        Do not wear tight shoes for walking. If you feel pain in the lower back after walking for a long time,  do it only after resting for a while. we will have a relief while doing all this. Treatment for back pain can be effective.

        Things to look out for when sitting with back pain. It is better to sit in a chair with arms than to sit on a sofa. When seated the back should be steady. If not the back should be supported with a pillow. It is also good idea to support those with back pain with a pillow when driving long distances.

        After sitting for a while we have a pain in the back. Then hold both our thighs together for a 10 minute. After 10 minutes it is released and can be hold together again. If we do this exercises regularly we can reduce our back pain to some extent.

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