Life mission housing scheme 3rd phase distribution,submit  documents before june 15

         Today I have to come to you with great news. The life mission Phase 3 has started . This is a project that was lame during the time of lock down. It just became reality at this time. Through this, the dream of a house for many peoples are realized. In most municipalities, it has now been decided to provide a space for people home less, who are now in the application for homeless, adopted in 2017, after a detailed examination, after reaching with relevant documents. Check to see if these benefits  have city limits where you live .

     All persons involved in the application are required to submit verification before June 15. Only then will there be a place in the third stage. Work on the houses involved in II mission of the life mission in our state is now in  progress. In the first phase ,our government did was to complete dilapidated house or a house that was unfinished since after the construction. In the Second Phase, for people who are currently homeless and have land,they get  Rs 4,00,000 for building homes and 90 working days under the NREGS. They get 4,25,000 so that the housing was completed very quickly. Likewise most of the houses are being completed .

            The third phase of the life mission is ongoing. The distribution of benefits to people who do not have a land and home has just  begun .As a first step, beneficiaries named in the list must submit documents before June 15. Documents should be submitted to the employees of your municipality or Panchayat level life mission before the authorities.


  • Ration card
  • Aadhar card
  • Certificate of a village officer to prove there is no land or properties of his or her family.

             This benefit is available to the landless and homeless people. There for people who have purchased land during this period, do not have to submit a certificate from the village office. The government has decided to provide Rs  Rs lakhs, each for those who have own land. People who do not have a land or house, will be given assistance in purchasing land . Applications will be accepted online. The application receiving has not yet begun . The distribution of the land will start only after the completion of the existing landless activities. A good shelter for people who were previously unlisted  and who are now homeless peoples.please share this information to others. 

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