Last date to apply for welfare fund benefits,  July 31st

            At this time of expansion of covid-19 in our state, our  central and state governments are distributing various benefits. This benefit is one of them. The financial assistance received is Rs  1000. This assistance will be available through various welfare boards. 

            Those who  have not yet applied and have not been able to apply can now apply for this benefit. The last date for receive  applications in various welfare funds is july 31. But the department of motor workers Welfare is accepting applications until August 30.

         Rs 1000 each  was distributed to the members of the board of the Sewing workers Welfare fund. Those who have not yet received the amount, should contact the respective district office.

              Those who have  not yet availed the benefits are required to upload a passbook providing their current membership in the welfare fund board,  a copy of the last installment payment, a copy of the bank passbook and Aadhar card. They can apply through tailor welfare dot in website. Or you can apply to the respective district officer.

            Next are the largest number of motor workers in our state, whose livelihoods  are being disrupted in the time of this covid-19. There are various benefits available to motor workers. Distribution is by category with  two wheelers or three wheelers, those who have members of the welfare fund.

        Upto Rs 5000 is being received as subsidy from the welfare fund board. For those who have not yet applied, it is the time to apply. We can apply online or by contacting the district office.

            Applications are now being accepted at all welfare funds.

Those who have not received benefits they can apply now. The mastery currently paying dividends. Currently  people in the unorganised security and social welfare fund in the state will also have this benefit. They can also  apply until July 31.

       There are hand workers who have not paid the amount at the revised rate.domestic  workers, temple staff, barbar beauticians, laundry workers such persons will get Rs 1,000 in their bank accounts.

          Apply with passbook providing current membership in the Welfare fund, copy of proof of contribution, adhar card,  bank account details. You can contact the district office directly. 

           Currently there are a  number of people out there who can benefit from welfare boards. The distribution from various welfare fund boards will be stopped by July 31st. Please try this and share this information to others.

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