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       Goats are main meat producing animals in India.Its meat is the main choicest meatscandchas hugecdoestics demand.Goa5 farming involves raising and breeding  of domestic  goats. Goat farming has numerous  advantages. It has high market  demand and availability of a wide variety of goat breeds.if you want to start a goat farming  business, you should know about allowing these things. Goats are raised commercially in all parts of the world. It is slowly becoming popular all over the world. It plays an important  role in meeting rising food demand. 

      Goats are small animals.They require less space than other domestic  animals. They need less housing. Goats require less feed also .We can use goats for meat and milk . Most of the goat breeds need less attention  and management. Some goats are popular  for meat production.  Others are suitable  for milk production, others are suitable  for both meat and milk production. We can select dual purpose  goat breeds.Goats have quicker growth rate than other animals. 

      If you want to start goat farming, location  is an important criteria for setting  up a goat farm. First you should check whether the place has necessary facilities. If the place is well connected for travelling, you can be transported to the nearest market  easily .

      Selecting the correct breed for the goat farm is important as different  breeds are good for milk production,  meat,and skin .  Properly designed house with good airflow ,light ,and drainage is essential  for good productivity.2 square meter of space is required for each goat .Keep separate room for milking.A fence around the farm is very essential  to protect  the goats.

        Feeding goats with nutritious footage is important. Natural breeding is best for small farms. It is good to have necessary medicinal facilities  like veterinary clinics .A green pasture for grazing is important. Marketing  is another important  aspect of a commercial goat farm . Introduce the products to small markets. Try to keep the goats hygienically and feed them fresh and nutritious. 

      We can see the biggest goat farm. We can see a successful story  of a person who was  successful in running a goat farm. His name was Hussain. you can carry out in a scientific  manner. He has been proficient  in goat farming for eight years.

      Goat rearing provides  a supplementary income. It is a good business  for can easily maintain  this business. He takes care of a lot of sheep each time. There are 240 goats .They are different  breeds such as siloam,and beetle. Buji breed is identified by the color of its tails. You can choose the goats at the lowest price. 

        Most prefer goats belonging  to the siloam breed,you can buy goats at Rs 350.Different breeds are available  here. Customers  can choose the goats according to their foods are given to the goats. You can buy goats for meat and rearing. We can buy hybrid goats at low rates from here. Today there is Today goat farm, irinjalakuda ,kodungallur route,konathukunnu, pattaya padam. We can select as we wish. Caroline goats are available  here.18 types of breeds are here.we can select berbassari for farming. It is a very healthy and more milk productive goat. 

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