Ladies pant kurtis – cheap price Kesaria Textile company Surat

Kesaria company is a one of the biggest clothes manufacturing company and wholesaler brand committed to India’s rich legacy of textiles.The company’s name indicates, the word kesar represents Indian tradition, which began in the year of 1977 with the opening of wholesale saree market in Surat-Textile city of india
The kesaria company is a one of the most well-known and trusted indian ethnic brand for women, it is made up of premium quality materials.The wholesales include sarees, dupettas, kurta, leggings and so on,which is in cheapest price.All materials is in different sections; therefore, variety materials also available.

The starting rate of printed saree on Rs 45/-, Kurtas is on 89/- and leggings is on Rs75 Firstly,there package is the best thing and eight different colours of kurtas are available in one bundle.It include daily use simple dresses,which available in various sizes.
Secondly,we can purchase directly and is budget friendly; therefore,we can buy set ways,minimum order is in between Rs10,000 to 20,000.we can purchase through video call by seeing there stocks .One of the major thing is customer friendly staffs are available.Therefore,lack of language barriers for purchasing.

Thirdly,The kesaria traveling support is available.They would pickup and drop for purchasing and for more details we can contact the number.

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Kesaria Textiles Company


Contact number :- 9687887847

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