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People are first judged by their physical attributes and clothing. Dressing well is essential. Dressing well helps one to gain self confidence and it is an important aspect of communication. Good communication skills can be obtained easily if one decides to choose what to wear wisely. Close reveals a person’s personality. It can also make bonding with the like minded people easier. It is a gesture of self love and self care. Dressing well is respecting yourself and your body.

Clothes and materials are appropriate for different places. Saving money on clothes may be a good idea. By buying cheap clothes you can save a lot of money. You will have more money to spend on other things. It will give you a higher level of freedom. Looks should not matter that much. Buying expensive clothes is a waste of money. It helps to save more money for retirement. You can afford to buy additional things you like. Large retailers keep prices down through economies of scale.They pay less money per garment to manufacture large pieces rather than small pieces.

You can find affordable and excellent prices of clothes through offline and online. Now a lot of people prefer purchasing items online. You can find affordable prices available online since you get the product directly from the seller. Most of the online shops have discounts. You can find different products and brands from various sellers. You can see all the latest trends without having to spend your money. You can shop from all retailers from any country. You can shop comfortably even late at night. You can easily compare and research items in online shopping.

We can see a place where we get Kurtis nighty shirt and pants at the lowest rates. It is in the direct factory outlet Thodupuzha.All new collections are available. Ladies Kurtis are available from Rs 59.All textile items are available.textiles, ready mades,footages,kids wear are available here.ladies t-shirts start from Rs 69


Kids wears

New model kids clothes are available at Rs 150.western type tops are available. Kids daily wear pants are available at Rs 50.kods has a separate section. Kids daily wear Banyan available at Rs 130.

Track pants

Track pants are available at Rs 79.variety colors are available. All materials are quality materials.
¾ th jeans pants are available. All sizes are available. Cargo type ¾ th jeans are available at Rs 299.There is a huge collection of track pants. military track pants available at Rs 599.

Ladies kurtis

Varieties of kurtis are available at Rs 59. partywear Kurtis are available at Rs 390.georgette, chiffon Kurtis are available. New model Kurtis are available. Premium level kurtis are available. Georgette tops are available at Rs 250.Rayon tops are available at Rs 199.


Kaftan kurtis are available at Rs 499.All materials are available. Bead worked kaftan available. Different colors are available.


Branded shirts start at Rs 169.There is a huge collection of shirts. Kids,men’s shirts are available. Plain,designed shirts are available. Kids shirts start from Rs 199.


Jeans start from Rs 450.All sizes are available.

Bed sheets

Family cot bed sheets are available at Rs 550.cotton double cot bed sheets with pillow cover are available at Rs 199.single bed sheets available at Rs 99. Family cot bed sheets are available at Rs 150.double cot bed sheets have Rs 130.


Leggins are available at Rs 49.different colors are available.


Cotton sarees are available at Rs 295.Different colors and designs of sarees are available.


3 Towels are available at Rs 120.Thorth available at Rs 40.


Nighties start at Rs 79.variety collections are available. Cotton nighties are available.


Window curtains are available at Rs 99. Door curtains are available at Rs 150.Different colours, designs are available. Variety curtains are available.

Household items

All household items are available here. All items has low price.Floor mats are available at Rs 19 to 150.


Plates are available at Rs 110.small trays are available at Rs 25.glasses are available at Rs 12.plsstic glasses are available.bottles are available at Rs 80.Different types of flower vases are available at Rs 130.

Glass jars are available at Rs 120.Different types of 3D photos are available at Rs 150.Impex Tawas available at are 649. It has a 1 year warranty. It is an induction based material. They provide a 40% discount. Wiper has Rs 195. Steel glasses, cups,spoons,plates are available. Steel glass has Rs 25.steel spoons has Rs 10.steel forces has Rs 15.Steel plate has Rs 55.Gripped floor mats has Rs is washable materials. Dustpan available at Rs 30.

Induction cooker

Impex induction cookers are available.

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