Kudumbasree loans not up to Rs 20,000

           We  are presenting a sad news to  you that the benefit of kudumbasree is Rs 20,000 not reached safely in hands of everyone. The state government has cut back several gauges, new standards have been developed. Accordingly the most eligible would be up to Rs 20,000 and after  Rs 5000 for those who are not, will be get in their hands . At present ,many neighborhood groups have been over out of the scheme for taken various reasons. A further warning to you, during this period,the economy is at a dropping rhythm, let us now how the share of whatever schemes we have, if it is not used carefully ,we will move into a very bad situation . 

      This is one of the biggest welfare schemes for kudumbasree members who come to our hands for Rs  20,000. Kudumbasree had previously provide loans during the flood. Since then ,our state government has set aside Rs 2,000 crore for the  second project. 

        Thought  that everyone would not apply to this scheme . Therefor it has been decided to distribute up to  6 lakh for 1 kudumbasree . But the number of applicants has increased . More than 3 1/2 applicants came. If one , intends  to distribute Rs 20,000, it is almost 7,000 crores. Not everyone can gets the benefits of this package worth Rs 2,000 crore. Then more money will have to be found. In this case the state is currently borrowing loans from the central government . It is unlikely that loans will be allocated for this purpose  .

        And to shrink back to a neighbouring group of up to 4 lakhs, at the same time the amount was changed to Rs 5000 to Rs 20,000 has been made . That means the housewives/ women who have a more deserved subsistence ,recently it  has been decided to distributed Rs 20,000/ 15,000/ 10,000 /5000 as per eligibility criteria.

               It was decided to consider the neighbouring groups,which are currently registered to kudumbasree for this scheme up to 3 months priority will be given to those who register up to 6 months. The interest  rate is 8.50 to 9 %. If we repay the loan and the interest ,the money will be returned to the neighbouring groups in 3 year installments from the state government . But the state government and kudumbasree will try to repay the  in interest rate of 8.50 % has been raised to 9 %.

  •  Neighborhoods that are properly accounted for in the ADC ,will be considered priority. 
  • The government is completely excludes those who are in government or semi government institutions. 
  • Social security pensioners will be get this benefit.
  •  But people who receive other Government pensions  and the other benefits above Rs 10,000 will loss the benefits of this scheme.
  • People who receive salaries   above Rs 10,000 in working government run essential services and shops ,will not get the benefit of this  scheme.
  •  The decision will be taken to the hands of all those who have applied for Rs 2,000 priority was given to the most deserving people and others get Rs 5000.
  •  Meetings should not be held for such purposes.
  •  There are specific recommendations that should be just over the phone Communications .
  • There is a delay in the decision of the higher circles to reach the common man. Therefore many things are not known to ordinary people. 
  • Non- members of kudumbasree neighborhoods now have the option of borrowing any of them with the permission of the nearest neighbours. 
  • Even if the beneficiaries do not get much benefits, their hopes are now dimmed.

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