Kudumbasree Loans  distribution begin on the 23rd April

          In the time of the flood, a loan had been implemented through kudumbashree. Then our state government finally announced a Rs 2,000 crore project . Eligible kudumbasree members were offered interest free loans upto Rs 20,000. When the number of applicants was taken out of the 43 lakh beneficiaries, 35 lakh said they would need the amount. In that case, the government will have to find around Rs 7000 crore. At present, Rs 2,000 crore has been announced for the project.

         For most people, the amount is based on preferences. So getting Rs 20,000 will be very few people. That means there will be people who are suffering because of health problems, and then there will be those who need the cash for medical expenses ,medications .

There are people who live in rented houses. There are currently people who have lost their jobs, there are impoverished people who cannot work. Priority will be given to such  common people. 

    Most people will get Rs 5,000. Its distribution will begin on the 23rd April. currently it will be reach out in the bank account of the neighbouring groups .


  • Neighbouring groups with the most affiliation with CDS 2018-19 ,who are in the process of auditing and not having more than two bank loans are given top priority.
  •  In government/semi governmental institutions those receiving benefits/ salary /pension of Rs 10,000 or more are not eligible.
  • People who work in establishment shops which are considered essential services by the government and who are getting a salary above Rs 10,000 are not eligible to apply.
  • Those who have taken out  more than three loans and have  defaulted on the loan repayment cannot apply .
  • People receiving social security pension and welfare pension are eligible to this.

 When the money is repaid after 6 months of Moratorium, the repayment must be accompanied by a fixed interest. The interest rate was currently 8.5 -9%. The government charges 9 % interest. The money will be paid back in 3 year installments through kudumbasree to the bank account . Now we have to repay the interest with the loan we have taken. The amount will be returned in the interval of years . But it is a three year period, for the loan we have taken. Now from the CDS, the number of neighbouring groups as well as the number of members is need of a loan, has reached the kudumbasree district mission. Then contact your district kudumbasree mission for details on how the CDS were granted loans.

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