Kudumbasree loan up to 20000 

             The covid 19 crossed  all the barriers of world affecting people. Government of India foresees financial support to the poor peoples. During this period of nationwide lockdown announcements, all kudumbasree members are eligible for this package.

This package is aimed at people who have lost their jobs due to covid19 situation .It is the  interest free loan from kudumbasree. 

          Government help  women who are a member of kudumbasree and their families to escape from this lockdown. During the floods in Kerala ,the government had given loans to women in kudumbasree.The government is currently providing worth   more than that ,Rs 2000 crore project.

             Bank loan is available through kudumbasree. This project was approved by our government. Other things are  being completed as per the procedures of bank associations . This will provide relief to 46 lakh women and their families .

  • A  woman who is a member of kudumbasree can take a  loan maximum of Rs 20,000 .
  • Now it is declared as interest free loan.
  • The subsidy is also obtained 
  • one benefit is that it can be repaid after 3 – 6 months.( Moratorium period ).
  • In addition the government has extended the loan for a period of 3 years .
  • Approximately 2.9 lakh neighbouring groups with get this loans.
  • There are about 46 lakh  members. They are benefiting from this.
  • A  family will receive up to Rs 20,000 support .
  •  Interest is bearing by the government.


  •  Kudumbasree unit which is eligible for this, does not current exceed loan Rs 10 lakh .
  • A kudumbasree gets up to Rs 6 lakh and Rs  20,000 per person.

There will be an official announcement, opening and everything in the coming days. If the government order comes down as part of this ,we get this benefit.

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