KSFE Gold Loan at 3 % interest upto 1.5 Lakhs

              In this  time of covid19, there will be a lot of people in our state who are financially un secure. To help them there are many schemes  now underway from the state government. At the very last ,in our media now full is about the return of NRI’s. When the expatriates return , they need to find the new livelihoods .For such people and for those who have lost their jobs, they need a little help if they are to stay home. That is why our state government has announced  special programs for them. Loan assistance has been announced for them.

     The loan will be through KSFE. The purpose is the  gold pay loan. Once NRI apply for a gold loan, they can get up to Rs 1,00,000. The interest rate will be three percentage for 4 months and then the normal rate of interest. The state government has now decided to give for Pravasi with  NORKA ID card to the same benefits. For NRI for those who are currently returning home, this will be a great help. Orders for gold pay loan (guidelines for accepting applications officially) will be issued by the state government soon.

        For people who are members of NRI Chitty, it has now been decided to pay them Rs 1.50 lakh as an 3% interest. That assistance will be provided through KSFE. The interest rate on gold loans upto Rs 10,000 has now been reduced by 1% to  8.5%. You will continue to receive such assistance from the government. The application process will be completed soon. Please share this information to others.

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