Kits for school students in the state

               In the event of lockdown, all the ration shops in the state were supplying free kits . Similarly our state government is going to distribute free kits for school children. This is the first time the  kit will be distributed to school children. About 26 lakh students will get this benefit.

        The distribution of the kits to  about 87lakh card holders in Kerala is finished . There are not many people to buy this kit anymore. This benefit is for students in class 1 to 8 studying in the state syllabus. Students can get the kits that the cost up to Rs 420 . Decisions about this are now being taken by the state government at its most recent.

          The state government has allocated more than Rs 81 crore for this purpose. Supplyco has announced a subsidy of approximately 10% on this kit. In the early days, supplies were fixed at around 4 kg of rice and groceries. Coupons are being delivered to schools. Pursuant to the covid law  parents must visit the school and receive the coupon.

         The decision was to buy  it through supplyco or maveli store or Supermarkets. Now  it is decided to take these kits distributed to the school after they have taken the number of children. It  has been decided to provide kits worth Rs 320 for students attending LP schools. Students studying in the u p category will get kits worth  up to Rs 420.

             It is to have  4 kg of rice and other groceries. It  is not yet clear which ones . Packing matters  are in progress now. Its distribution will begin shortly. In the time of lockdown, there are now online classes for students. Lunch  for about 26 lakh students has been stopped. There is a situation in our state that cannot do that.So government make a decision to distribute the kits to children. Please share this information to others.

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