Kerala Self employment scheme

 Self employment is the state of working for oneself as the owner of a working rather than for an employer.They earning income from a profession or a business that they operate. 

Benefits of self employment

  • To make unlimited income 
  •  save money on clothing. 
  • save money on transportation
  •  Tax deduction
  •  Deduct the cost of their health insurance premium 
  • loan upto 100000 
  • subsidy of 20 %
  •  training to gain skill 

Kerala self employment scheme

 Kerala self employment scheme for the unemployed scheme provide for  sanction of bank loan upto 100000 for an unemployed person to start a business. There is no requirement for contribution from the beneficiary 


  • To register the employment exchange between the age of 21 – 50 years 
  • Annual income not exceeding Rs 40000 
  • Educational qualification,  person with the technical or professional qualification is eligible for this scheme.
  •  students are not eligible. 
  • Person must be permanent resident of Kerala.


  • Application form
  • Educational qualification certificate
  • Age proof 
  • Address proof 
  • Bank passbook
  •  Family income certificate 
  • Indian nationality proof (domicile certificate)

How to apply

  • Visit local employment exchange office  
  • fill the form and
  •  submit it.

   The activity of trading is likely to be ignored. If no profit is present so occational and hobby is generally ignored by authorities. If the person chooses to be recognised as such person is required to file a tax return under legislation in relevant jurisdiction.

              In US,  UK are placing more emphasis on an individual Is self employed, often described as the pretence of a contractual Intra business relationship to hid what is otherwise a simple employer – employee relationship. Industries that are not commonly associated as a natural fit for self employment  such as manufacturing and home based business.

            I  n US a person considered  self employed for tax purpose if the person is running a business that does not elected to be treated as a  Corporation. These people must pay social security and medicare taxes in the form of a SECA tax.

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