June month , ration distribution via  OTP

     The distribution of rations for the month of June has already begun. I want to tell you a few things  about it . After knowing it , it is best that you go to the ration shop to buy a ration share. You should also check whether the ration merchants meet these criterias. The situation of covid-19 is getting worse  in our country . Food ration after issuing the ration card number after punching the finger of the person on the card.

       Such  process is eliminated for a month . This is one of the most appropriate things. There will be many beneficiaries who come to buy rations from different places . There for biometric authentication has been changed to prevent the spread of diseases. So you need to take your mobile phone when going to the ration shop. Mobile phone linked to ration card is must. After the OTP arrives at the registered mobile number and forwarded to the OTP ration merchant after typing in the Epos machine, the portal to receive the food share appears.

        Anyone can go named on the card with the registered phone number. The only way to get into  the manual mode is if the OTP does not work properly. This is because supplyco may later ask for the names of people who received a share in manual mode. A lot of difficulties may arise in the area of OTP. The sanitizer may have been placed in the ration shop . When you go to the ration shop it  is best to rub your hands with a sanitizer.

           June is also a month in which various projects end. There was the special benefit of the central government is Garib Kalyan Yojana forAY, BPL card so that was a claimed  benefit from this. One person received 5 kg of rice and 1 kg of pulses per card. The supply was for 3 months .June is the last month of distribution. If you have to receive the lentils or  Seaweed,everything will have to be delivered this month. if you have to get something in the previous months, you should ask for it too.

        The state government provides a 10 kg of rice for blue and white cards Rs 15 per kg . Ration cards in the   unelectrified household get 4 litre of kerosene and electrified household get half litre of kerosene at Rs 20 per litre. For AY card holders get sugar at Rs 21 /kg.1 kg of sugar will be get. Please share  this information to others.

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