Jal Jeevan project to supply drinking water to villages

           Today I would like to introduce a scheme to provide safe and adequate drinking water through tap connections to rural areas.This project is being Implemented by the state government in partnership with the central government. This scheme is called Jal jeevan mission.

            Applications for the Jal jeevan  project are being accepted. It has been decided to provide around 21 lakh connections.This scheme was ensure piped water for every households.Because half of our country households did not have access to piped water.The WHO prescribes 25 liters of water for one person per day to meet all their basic needs.

             Mainly this scheme has three phases.First one is the 3 to 6 months,the planning,capacity  building, selection of panchayat,signing of agreements are included.The second stage ,6 to 12 months,assessment of water sources,development of water sources,geo tagging,are included.The third phase included,maintenance of water supply,training programmes. We can apply with our aadhar card.

It is enough to invest 10 % in the  jal jeevan scheme.


  • Aadhar card

                    The application should be submitted after knowing whether our panchayat has been selected for this scheme.Priority will be  given to those who join the scheme by paying the beneficiary contribution first.

             A mobile application is also being implemented for this project. Funds have been disbursed  in all the panchayats where water scarcity is severe.Its purpose is to supply drinking water to all households through taps.We can apply to panchayat. 

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