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Interlock bricks are made using cement ,sand and a special kind of adhesives. It is the enhanced form of conventional clay bricks.To overcome the hardships encountered during construction. Various methods of construction are being considered and developed. Materials used for construction are being fabricated to enhance the quality of construction and it minimises time and cost.interlocking bricks are an advancement in the construction industry.


Interlock bricks are an enhanced form of clay bricks. It is designed to lock itself to the other bricks without the use of mortar. It is achieved using shear key and Lock mechanism. The shape of shear key will vary and the complimentary lock provided on the opposite side of brick. These bricks are compressed and stabilized earth bricks which contributed to the strength of the house.


Interlocking bricks are popular in wall construction. These bricks are locked against each other without use of cement mortar. It makes things easier and stable. It reduces cost and time of construction. Cement is a very expensive product. We can use Interlock bricks without the need of cement mortar.


It has lower density than other bricks. Walls made of these bricks create a cooler effect in the interior. These bricks are made with cement, sand and stone dust mixed together in appropriate proportion. Then compressed it into bricks with the desirable interlocking patterns. Compression is done by using a hydraulic compression system. Then these bricks are subjected to curing for 7 days. After curing, the cement sets and bonds with the sand adding stability to the brick. The soil compression gives strength and density.

Interlocking bricks have earthquake resistance. These bricks are effective and proven seismic resistance construction materials. Interlock bricks do not require plastering work. Plastering is very costly for conventional wall construction. You can give a smooth finish by applying a thin layer of paint. It has a neat finish and low maintenance cost. It provides a cooler effect in the interior. It enables unskilled labour to easily construct procedures. There is no use of mortar in this construction. The cost for transportation can also be reduced. It does not need plaster work, minor bar bending work ,lesser cement and fewer labourers.


Normal bricks needed 21 days of curing but these bricks require only 7 days of curing. Interlocking bricks are not suitable for construction of big multi storeyed buildings; it is safe only for up to 3 floors.


We can see a place where we get interlocking bricks at low cost. It is in Aljood design tiles and interlock bricks, Thenkasi. It has an office in kottiyam, kollam.You can build a budget friendly home with these bricks. It helps to reduce the material cost and avoid maximum dead can use maximum space. Mainly we used red stone,solid block,laterite stone, etc. But we can reduce the amount by 25% through these interlocking bricks.


Interlock bricks are commonly available in our place. It helps to complete work easily.Its lock is on the center portion of it. We will get 8 inch and 6 inch bricks. We can reuse it also.8 inch bricks cost Rs 32. 6 inch bricks cost Rs 27.Transportation amount is extra. clay stones are also available here. It is 15.50 provides cooling interior well.They add 10% cement to it. They provide 20 % strength and make it.


Clay interlock machine is here. Hydraulic compressor is used to compress the bricks.Most of the people prefer cement interlocking bricks.They used imported cement to make it. They do not use color polish. Co.or of the interlocks don’t has 16 mm thickness.18 mm thickness interlocking bricks are available here.1 inch tiles are also here.we can use it in greeneries,courtyard.


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