Interior designs – glass kitchen,sliding wardrobe,hydraulic bed facilities at affordable rates


   Interior designs are the art and science of improving the interior of a building to achieve a healthy and pleasing environment for the people using the space. Interior designer is someone who plans, researches, coordinates anhd manages enhancement projects. Interior design includes space planning ,site inspection, programming ,research ,conceptual development with the construction management and execution of design. The profession of interior design has a consequence of the development of society. 

     The profession of interior design is separate. Decoration is the furnishing of a space with decorative elements. An Interior Designer Mac creates the layout of a space. Interior designers must be highly skilled in order to create an interior environment. Colour is a powerful Design Tool in decoration and interior design. It is the art of composing and coordinating colours together to create stylish schemes on the interior architecture. Interior designers have deep experience with the colours.

    Professional interior designing can make things a lot easier. Interior design covers everything for your home. It is the aesthetic art with science. Interior designers study the blueprint of your home and find out the best for the space in terms of furniture ,lighting materials ,decorations etc. There are a lot of technicalities involved in this process. Interior Designers offer support throughout the execution process. 

    Living room is designed to be bright and layered  with the lighting.Interior designs can enhance your work flow in the kitchen. You can fulfill your lifestyle needs to your standards. The modern interior design style can be identified by cleanliness, muted colors and use of is minimal in nature. Residential interior design is the design of the interior of a house.

     We can see how to make a full interior of a house within  Rs 3 lakhs.Different kinds of Interiors are available in the market. You should select quality materials for interior  work.It is Arena interiors, vennala, kochi.They have experienced in years. They made a magic in interior work. 

Interior Kitchen 

    They used a glass kitchen. It looks like acrylic.but it is made with glass.they fully finished with glass. We can use it regularly. All materials are premium quality. They provide warranty. They used acrylic glass or crystal glass. They used long lasting  materials.It is an island kitchen. They used corian tops.All are handlers.push open drawers are provided. It is a user -friendly  kitchen. Corian top is high thickened materials. We can rub and polish and change it into scratch free materials. Extra shelves are provided. Trolley unit is available. Fingerprintless laminates, uv finish ,glass acrylic,normal laminates are available. Extra acrylic provided in the walls.

Living area

    You can use quality wallpapers in the walls. You can select stainfree,durable,designed wallpapers. You can select the interior to your taste. Different  kinds of panels are used in the interior.panel made with marble finished laminates with steel strips. They add accessories to the walls. You can contact them at any stage.There is a TV unit. It is a simple design. 

Dining area design 

    They provided acrylic glass  behind the light. You can select it on crockery shelves. They used granite top to the dining table. They used wash basins above countertops. You should check the height of the counter. 

Bedroom interior 

    There is a beautiful bed cot. It has a leather headboard. It is a very highlighted cushion. It is made by a mirror.Cot is made with a board. Its beadings are set with increased height. They provide a high edge has bottom storage facility. They are their own manufacturers. 

Ward robes interior 

    There is a sliding wardrobe facility. It helps to work easily. There is no problem related to hinges.They used is a mirror finish wardrobe.

Mirror paneling available. It provides a royal feel.

Simple kitchen design 

     They used laminated materials.  All are machine worked. It has good finishing.Corner utilized units are available. These are side glass finished drawers. There are roller shutters. You can hide mixie. It provides neatness of the kitchen. They provide packages to design a house  completely.  All requirements are included in one package.  RS 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs are needed to complete interior design in a house.

    Steel Golden touch bar units are here.Different types of patterns are made by acrylic. They used glossy finish can separate a study area in the bedrooms. Storage spaces are available in the bedrooms.  Leather cum glass panel is here.

     There is a fully used bed cot. You can lift it easily. It has a hydraulic remote lift. It has storage facilities. You can remotely rise and lift it. It has a 5 year warranty. They used a golden metallic sheet in the ceilings.  They provide 3D design. 

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Arena interiors,41/2139,2 nd floor

Riddhi tower NH bypass ,Near palarivattom over bridge,Vennala,Kochi

Flimat complex,poothole, Thrissur

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