Informations about  high security registration number plates 

           We all are use vehicles. Today I would like to share with you a few  facts that people who use vehicles should definitely know. The most common of the vehicles we see and use are the number plates printed with numbers on plastic sheets. But now that  is about to change. The most secure number plates are yet to come. This is known as the high security registration plate.

         There are a lot of changes in the number plates of vehicles. Let’s see what changes are going to come with these number plates. Let us see what is high security registration plate. 

          The central government had earlier directed that  new vehicles landing in India from April 1 2019 should be given high security number plates. It was meant to prevent  vehicles with fake numbers. It was also intended to create a unified system.

         The low was amended in 2001. This law came into force only in some States. 

             Let’s take a look at the changes that are taking place with the advent of high security registration plates.

               High security number plates and third registration marks are required to be affixed on the vehicles by the dealers themselves. The plate should be attached and the data of the vehicle should be updated in the’ vahan’ software. 

         Only after that the RC book can be printed  from the RDO office. The price of these plates and the fitting charges should be included in the vehicle price. It is also the law not to charge extra for this. The number plate is made of 1mm thick aluminium sheet. This should be number plates manufactured in accordance with AIS 159 2019 approved by the testing agency.

        A 20×20 mm chromium based hologram will be printed on the left side of the number plate to prevent fake  number plates. The Hologram is in scripted in blue with the Ashok Chakra. Number plate guarantees a minimum of 5 years. At the bottom left of the number plate is a 10 digital laser brand identification number. 

        About the number plate and letters there is a  hot stamping film of India at an angle of 45 °. On the left side of the number plate,  in the middle there is a hot blue stamp IND. This number plate cannot be removed. 

           Once this number plate is removed,  it cannot be attached. It is now being fitted to newer vehicles. It is the responsibility of the dealers to provide this number within 15 days of purchase of the vehicle. This is very useful information.

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