vipin karthik was arrested again.In the name of the IPS officer ,forging documents  and stealing  money from banks,


     Today I would like to inform you about IPS officer Vipin Karthik. He is a man arrested for acting as an IPS officer. He has been released on bail and has been re arrested. Now the arrest is for a different subject. Rs 24 lakh swindled from the Punjab National Bank by forging documents.

      His place is in Ramanattukara, Kozhikode. He had taken a loan from a bank to buy a car worth Rs 14 lakh. He took a cheap car and corrected the RC book and it showed the bank that he had taken the same vehicle. After that he took another loan of Rs 10 lakh for another vehicle. The loan was taken by forging documents.

    Bank officials had lodged a complaint with the police after the refund of both the vehicles failed. He was arrested in 2019 for snatching 97 sovereign gold and  25 lakh from a bank. Loans are taken from banks by forging a certificate of IPS officer status.

     Then the vehicles are concealed by making a fake certificate stating that the loan has been repaid.

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