In five states Property card will be issued from tomorrow

              Today I would like to share with you a new law of the central government which will come from tomorrow. This change will come from 2020 October 11.In our country  we have many documents to prove our ownership. 

            Tax receipt,possession certificate, land sketch, non attachment certificate,pattayam, survey records, numbers,are the documents to proof our ownership. It is very difficult to keep all these documents. 

         One of the major changes that comes with it is being introduced today.This is a scheme to issue property ownership card to the owners by accurately determining the land in the villages.This scheme is called swamitva yojana. This card can be stored in digital form.

     The distribution of the card will be inaugurated by the prime minister tomorrow. 

Uses  of this land card

  • Borrowers need to use this card.
  • This card should also be used for village ,panchayat purposes.
  • This card can be used for other financial purposes.
  • This card can also be used for matters including land disputes.
  • This card is used for tax purposes. 

                These are the first states to launch this scheme. Uttarpradesh,Haryana,Madya pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand. This scheme is being launched in 763 villages in these States.

          DIn this scheme geo  mapping is done using a Drone and documents of the place are prepared and put on digital cards. The central government has announced that it will reach all the villages in India within four years.

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