In December free  kit includes 11 items

      The state government is giving us 4 months free kit  for 100 days of karma programs.We are getting a free kit of 11 items in the month of December. 

       In the time of covid-19, our state has received the various benefits of from the state and the central governments. Those benefits were very comforting to us. Survival kit was one of the most important of those benefits.

     Of the 11 items we receive in December two more khader masks are included.

Sugar   – 500 g

Peas     – 500g

Black gram   – 500g

Broken wheat   – 1 kg

Coconut oil  – ½ liter

Chilli powder   – 250 g

Split pigeon   – 250 g

Tea powder  – 250 g

   All card holders receive the same free kit. Don’t forget to buy this kit.

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