Important uses of rotten tomatoes 

      Today I would like to inform you about the uses of rotten tomatoes. Tomatoes are fruits ,because they form from flowers and it contains  seeds.  But it is used like a vegetable.  It contains antioxidants.  It reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases. It contains  vitamin k,c,potassium.

     Eating too much causes heartburn. Tomatoes  improved the health of lungs. It is used to prevent diabetes, asthma,etc. It maintains  BP.

     We can use  tomatoes to increase the beauty.  It contains antioxidants.  It reduces open pores. It is used as a skin Lightener.

      Usually we leave the rotten tomatoes.  But it has some uses.Many people do not know about this uses. We can clean the utilities with these rotten tomatoes. We can clean burnt dishes with rotten tomatoes. 

      Tomato cut into pieces and put in this burnt dish.Heat well. It helps to clean the dishes well.After cool, clean the dish . It helps to remove the burnt areas.It is very useful idea. 

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