Important uses of google lens on our phone

           We are all smartphone users. Today we are going to share with you an important topic that we do not know about on our  phone. We have a lot of useful things on our phone. Today we are going to introduce you about the lense in our phone. Let’s see how to use it.

           We can take  this lens in three ways. We can see the Google lens when we long press on the home button and pick up the Google assistant. Secondly we can take  Google lens with Google photos. Third we can install Google lens through the Play Store.

           Let’s see what are the uses of Google lens.If we open this google lens,we can see the back camera.We can take a photo of a text and select it.We can copy it and send to whatsapp. We can also hear  this test from this Google lens.

           We can translate this text to another language. Change the language. We can search about this topic. We can solve complicated homework through this lens.

         We can do shopping through this lens.We can take a photo of a product  and we get full details about it. We can know details of any places / foods.We can add gallery pictures to it and know the details.

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